How To Do Adderall Detox Safely

Are you determined to recover from Adderall addiction? That’s great news! But what is the first step then? After realizing the need for treatment, your big next step is to undergo detox.

If you’re wondering what will happen during detox, and will it be safe for you, then you’re in the right spot. Here we’re going to discuss how you can safely detoxify yourself from Adderall abuse.

With proper guidance and motivation, you will have an easy path to your detox and recovery.

Will you have detox at home or in a rehab center?

Adderall DetoxA lot of patients are tempted to just have their detox at home. But the question is, will it be safe for you? For those having intense substance abuse, home detox will be life-threatening since painful withdrawal symptoms will be there.

Experiencing tremendous pain from withdrawal can endanger your life. If you don’t have someone at home to help you, that even intensifies the danger. Besides that, below are some other reasons why home detox is not advisable:

  • Self-medication is high
  • Absence of professional help when vital signs suddenly drop
  • You don’t have the necessary medical equipment and supplies at home
  • You are closer to triggers that can cause a relapse
  • Accurate monitoring of recovery status is unreliable
  • The comfort of your home is not an excellent motivation for recovery

What are things you need to remember during detoxification?

When you hear the word detox, you think about toxins, right? Detoxification is the process of eliminating those harmful toxins inside your body. This is due to substance abuse, like when you abuse Adderall. Traces of harmful chemicals are left inside your system, and it damages your body.

Detox is an essential step toward your recovery from addiction. It must be well-thought where you want to have your detox program. The safest and most effective option is to do that inside a rehab center.

Is that true? In a rehab facility, the place has a controlled and comfortable environment that’s conducive to recovery. You will be away from temptations that can cause relapse.

Alongside this, here are some important things you need to take note of during your detox period:

Enough Sleep

Adderall DetoxOnce you start your detox plan, you need to ensure your body gets enough sleep. By doing that, you’re giving ample time for your body to recover and rest. It helps rejuvenate your mind and body when you get better sleep.

Hydrate Yourself

Water has plenty of benefits for your body. First of all, it helps cool off your body. It also helps in digestion and nutrient absorption. Mostly, it helps remove the toxins inside your system when you’re undertaking detox.

Stay away from sweets and processed food products

Eating healthy foods is a must when undergoing detox and rehab treatment. This helps replenish the nutrients drained from your body when you’re in addiction. Sweets and processed foods contain harmful ingredients that can worsen your situation.

Foods having a high content of sugar and preservatives are known to cause inflammation in body cells. When this happens, it can lead to several diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Engage in an active lifestyle

Exercising regularly helps maintain your regular heartbeat and weight. Your muscles and bones are stretched and activated during exercise. You’ll need these things when undergoing rehab treatment and detox.

Doing light to medium exercise on a regular basis helps boost positive hormones and good health. This also serves as a good diversion from your daily temptations.

Why Is Inpatient Detox Safer?

Adderall DetoxUndertaking a professional detox plan is safer than doing it at home. You’ll be with medical personnel that have experience in handling detox for patients under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Inside a rehab facility, you’ll be in a safe, controlled, and homey environment. You’ll be away from temptations that trigger you to consume Adderall and other substances. This is critical for you to undergo detox since cravings will be high during those times.

Before you go to a detox program, you will be evaluated in terms of physical, mental, and behavioral conditions. This serves as a benchmark for the needed things you need to take for detox and treatment.

How to ensure your detox process is safe?

Self-detox at home is highly discouraged due to the increased risk of relapse and self-medication. Because of unmanaged detoxification, if you or a patient suffers from a seizure or life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, there’ll be no medical personnel to help you.

Most rehab centers conduct a thorough process for detox. Below are some of the common questions or factors considered for a safe detox:

  • Did you consume other substances aside from Adderall?
  • How often were you consuming Adderall?
  • Do you have any pre-existing illnesses?
  • Have you had any experience with an unsuccessful detox program?
  • Who is supporting you with your treatment?

By answering these questions, the doctor can determine how many levels of care you need for your Adderall detox and treatment.

Will Outpatient detox be safe as well?

Do you prefer to be at home during detox? That’s possible when you are recommended an outpatient detox plan based on your doctor’s evaluation. Typically, this is given to patients with a low risk for relapse, and their addiction level is low.

There are some cases when a rehab center can just send designated medical personnel to visit your home for your scheduled detox assessment. The medical professional will check on your progress. It could also be the scheduled date and time for you to take the medication required for your detox plan.

Get Professional Help for Your Treatment

It’s challenging to recover from addiction, but it’s never impossible. With careful guidance on your detox and treatment, you are confident of overcoming your Adderall addiction.

We recommend that you have yourself assessed by a doctor for your condition before enrolling for treatment and detox. You deserve the best treatment to recover and get back to your normal life.