What Are The Effects of Angel Dust?

Angel Dust Addiction

Angel dust reacts differently with different people. It comes with varying street names ranging from boat, ozone, dust, to rocket fuel just to mention but a few. However, it is scientifically referred to as Phencyclidine (PCP). Its use comes with diverse effects both in the short-term and long-term. These effects are not similar in every individual using the drug.

What is Angel Dust?

Angel dust is a psychedelic addictive drug that is known to alter the functionality of the mind. This leads to a distortion in how one perceives the reality of their surrounding environment. In addition, it is a dissociative drug where an individual may have a distortion of sight, color, sound, as well as on their surroundings.

Initially, the development of this drug was meant to function as an intravenous anesthetic. This means that it was used to ease pain especially during surgical operations. However, it was discontinued for human use due to its neurotoxic side effects on the human mind. Medically, doctors cannot use PCP in its purest form. Another drug that has a similar structure to that of PCP was developed for use as an anesthetic during surgery and any other painful procedures.

Other than the legal and medical purposes for this drug, the streets are selling it illegally. However, under this circumstance, it is an illicit drug. As an illicit drug, it comes in different forms including powder, crystal, capsules, tablets, and liquid forms. While angel dust in its purest form is rare, it is easier to find it as a mixture with other contaminants.

It is a white crystalline powder in its purest form but depending on the contaminant in question, the color will vary. It will range from a light to dark brown color shade. Though PCP is medically used in the veterinary department as an animal tranquilizer, most of it that is sold for human use is manufactured illegally.

How can an Individual Ingest Angel Dust?

As indicated, angel dust comes in a variety of forms. Depending on the form an individual purchases, you can swallow, smoke, inject, or snort the drug. The common method especially for recreational use is smoking. Some people use it alone whereas others combine it with other drugs. Popular drugs that are consumed with PCP include marijuana and tobacco.

  • Smoking

Individuals who choose to smoke angel dust need to identify a medium that will hold the substance. Some of the common media used include leafy plants such as mint, parsley, or marijuana. You will roll the medium after dipping it into a PCP solution. People then light the roll and smoke it. It leaves its effects faster as compared to other methods of ingestion.

  • Swallowing

This method of ingestion is for the pill form of the drug. One may choose to swallow it with water or without any liquid form although it has a bitter taste. The other alternative to swallowing is dissolving it in water or alcohol. It dissolves with ease in these solvents.

  • Injecting

Injecting it requires the liquid form of the drug. This method is not very popular as many find it difficult to obtain the injecting equipment. The effects are moderate and they kick in slowly.

  • Snorting

Snorting involves the use of this drug in powder form. An individual will then snort the substance up their nose. This method requires that the user spread it on a surface in a thin line and either sniff it in directly or using a thin tube.

The effects from the above may vary on how fast they kick in, but on the other hand, the effects will be evident over duration of four to six hours. It will then begin to fade away gradually. Many people do not allow a lot of time for the drug to completely leave their body and retain a normal state. However, the more you take, the longer its effects in the body.

Effects of Angel Dust

Angel Dust Addiction

The effects of angel dust vary from one user to another. An individual may experience one or several effects especially depending on the duration of use. Overall, the drug will indicate hallucinogenic effects, and psychological effects. As a hallucinogenic drug, it will alter the sensory perception, your mood, as well as your thoughts. Psychological effects will show psychotic behavior and in other cases may lead to violence.

There are both short-term and long-term effects of using angel dust. These effects are based on the regular dose and how long a person has used it. On the other hand, an overdose is lethal and in extreme cases, it may lead to death. Therefore, just a small amount is used to feel the desired effects.

Medical Effects of Angel Dust

Medically, angel dust is used as an aesthetic to help control and ease pain. In the veterinary department, it is used to tranquilize animals. This provides vets with the ability to slow down animals when they think of procedures such as surgery. In addition, vets are able to reach out to animals that are showing mental problems without harming themselves.

In individuals, the drug’s ability to control pain is useful even when the situation is not surgical. However, it is important to note that the use of this drug under such conditions is not authorized. In such cases, its use should only be a onetime concept. Recurrent use will lead to an addiction and thus a constant reliance on the drug even when you are not in any pain. This said, medical use of the drug for human use is currently limited to research.

Short-term Effects of Angel Dust

The short-term effects are dependent on the dose in question as well as the means in which the user administers it. For example, smoking the drug will lead to sooner results as compared to swallowing it. After use, the effects will probably last over a similar duration. This is dependent on the dose as well as the user in question.

Many tend to use it with the hope that it will give them a sense of calmness. However, they will also experience signs that they did not sign up for that maybe harmful.

When smoking, the user will feel the effects almost as soon as they ingest it (a minute or two later). However, when you choose to swallow it in pill form, you will probably feel the effects in about 30 minutes or more depending on the dose. The following are the short-term effects of using angel dust.

  • Hallucinations

While under the influence of angel dust, someone will experience hallucinations because of mind alterations. For example, a user may convince you that they are seeing something that no one else can see. The hallucinations will vary. Sometimes it will be related to some good memories whereas other times it will create bad images that terrify the person. Hallucinations are accompanied by image distortion and severe cases of mood disorders. Cases of amnesia are also evident.

  • Distortion from reality

Many experience a distortion from reality where they are zoned into their own world. You will notice that they will seem to stare away as if they are looking at something that only they can see. It is amazing how they will perceive a similar object as a person who is not using angel dust.

More common short-term effects associated with use of angel dust will include:

  • A sense of relaxation and well-being
  • Slurred speech
  • A lack of concentration
  • Erratic behavior
  • A loss of coordination
  • Euphoria
  • Chills and sweating

N/B: The above are short-term effects when the user is taking a low dosage of angel dust. Below are short-term effects observed when a user increases the dosage.

  • Viewing non-existent objects
  • High blood pressure
  • Hearing nonexistent noises and/or blurred vision
  • Users will experience problems with proper breathing
  • An increase in body temperature
  • Anxiety and panic
  • A sense of extreme worry even for concerns that do not affect the individual
  • Body distortion that will lead to loss of balance due to extreme numbness in arms and legs

Less common effects of angel dust that remain evident with larger doses include:

  • Blood shot eyes commonly accompanied by rapid eye movement.
  • Unsteady gait
  • A lack of movement
  • Aggression even over nothing
  • Confusion
  • Drooling
  • Violence

Extreme High Doses of Angel Dust

Extreme cases of using angel dust in high doses are fatal especially for individuals who are beginners. These effects include:

  • Seizures

An overdose especially for beginners has shown seizures. Many users ingest just a little, as a dose has not been properly defined. This is because the drug is made in uncontrolled conditions thus the inability to know how much to use.

  • Coma

A coma will occur in extreme cases. This is more evident in cases where people ingest the drug without their knowledge and they end up taking too much too fast.

  • Death

The worst that can happen from an overdose is the death of the individual. It shuts down the body system. It may start with a seizure and if not medically attended as an emergency, death is the alternate effect.

  • Thoughts of suicide

Over time, the thoughts of suicide are evident especially due to the feeling of worthlessness and a lack of self-esteem. When individuals are left alone, fulfilling this thought is easier because they do not have someone to counter this thought.

N/B: The above physiological short-term effects are outlining the effects of use for both low and high doses of angel dust.

Long-term Effects of Angel Dust

Angel Dust Addiction

Long-term use of PCP is considered excessive and fatal. The longer the period the more severe, the effects are on an individual. The effects will persist even when the person is not actively taking the drug due to the long-term use. The effects that individuals will experience will include:

  • Impaired decision-making abilities
  • Severe depression with extreme anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Paranoia
  • Extreme and fast weight loss
  • Continuous hallucinations/ delusional thinking

Effects of Addictive Use of Angel Dust

Angel dust is an addictive drug. This means that once you start using it, you will be hooked thus leading to long-term use with more and frequent intake. As a result, it will lead to psychological dependence as well as compulsive PCP-seeking behavior. People who have used angel dust over long periods will show the following effects.

  • A loss in memory
  • A difficulty in making speech as well as slow in learning
  • A state of depression
  • Gradual weight loss that will persist for up to a year

Effects of Mixing Angel Dust with Other Central Nervous System Depressants

Some users tend to mix their use of angel dust with other central nervous system depressants such as alcohol. Considering that PCP dissolves in alcohol, many tend to drug other people by spiking their alcoholic beverages. This comes with side effects that are mostly not pleasant. Mixing may lead to:

  • A comma
  • An accidental overdose
  • Violence
  • Death

Health Effects of Angel Dust

While the effects are common to an individuals’ mental health, long-term users will also experience health risks. Health risk factors are not directly related to the use of angel dust. The following are health related effects.

  • Health Deterioration

Continuous use of angel dust will deteriorate your health. Individuals will register weight loss especially after long-term use. The weight loss will be noted whether one eats well or develops a loss of appetite. It is not related to the foods an individual’s consumes.

  • Heart concerns

Continuous use will cause a reduced breathing rate and an irregular heartbeat. Considering that breathing controls the functionality of the entire body, a problem in its functionality will alter how your body operates. This will in turn slow other body operations and therefore, lead to other organ failures.

  • Rhabdomyolysis

Rhabdomyolysis is a condition that indicates damage to the skeletal muscle. This is experienced when you use it in the long-term while at the same time taking high doses of angel dust. In turn, you will become weak.

  • Self-injuries

With effects such as paranoia and violent behavior, users may injure themselves especially during cases of an overdose. Some cut themselves, knock themselves on objects and walls, whereas others bite and walk to objects such as walls. They not only injure themselves but also others surrounding them.

A combination of mental and health risks make it difficult for the user to function socially, financially, as well as professionally. After developing a sense of isolation their social network begins to withdraw. Due to addiction, the need to satisfy your addiction will lead to more purchases. The longer you use, the more you will want and thus the more you will spend to satisfy your consumption.

Other Effects/ Related Effects of Angel Dust

Angel Dust Addiction

The above effects are simply subdivided into mental, physical, and psychological effects of angel dust. While some effects such as a sense of relaxation and ease of pain come with no harm, most of the other side effects are harmful. As an addictive drug, it will also affect your financial situation due to the need to satisfy an unending urge. Your social life will lack meaning as well. To better understand these related effects, the following is a clear breakdown.

  • Social Effects

Social effects of using angel dust are gradual and others around the person will notice it sooner than the user. Considering that it is an illegal drug in the market, a person will not consume it in public. They will then have to leave the presence of other individuals and seclude themselves. This behavior will start as soon as one starts to take the drug.

Long-term use leads to total seclusion from the public. Individuals tend to withdraw even from close family and friends with the fear that they will be identified. In addition, their psychological well-being is altered and will therefore, consider the people close to them as a threat.

In extreme cases, users tend to seclude themselves totally and they will move to a location where they feel more secure. In many situations, individuals’ addicted to angel dust will leave to find other individuals who are using either the same product or another addictive drug. This is because they feel more secure and appreciated by people with similar traits as opposed to staying around others who will condemn them.

Bottom line is that continuous use of angel dust will lead to a social breakdown. It is not limiting to the closeness in the relationship. People have run from their parents, their own children, and spouses. Social breakdown will lead to psychological instability.

  • Financial Effects

An addiction that requires financial funding is bound to cripple your finances over time. This is because you are seeking to finance an addiction that is gradually growing. Initially, buying some “killer joints” will cost you a little as you are similarly consuming a little. You may not feel the financial strain at this time.

As a person increases the consumption rate so must they increase the cash that is allocated to drug use. This will mean that you must divert cash that was meant for other uses to meet your needs. Continuous and persistent use will force you to spend much more.

When individuals cannot control themselves, they will not only spend their income but also take loans they cannot afford to pay. Something that started out as a small financial strain will grow into a suicidal financial situation. Many have lost homes due to the inability to pay mortgages accompanied by other financial neglects.

The demand to fulfill the purchase of PCP may sound affordable in the initial stages but in the long run, the cost will outweigh your needs. In the event the law catches up with you, the cost of freeing yourself from an arrest or a hearing is hefty. It will cost you more when you will need rehabilitation in the effort to stop the drug use. This said, it is a chain reaction in the long-term.

  • Professional effects

Individuals in the professional field are bound to lose their careers with the long-term use of angel dust.. This is evident from others in the office setting as well as from clients. This effect is similar to that of one’s social well-being.

Due to effects such as hallucinations and instability, completion of tasks at the workplace becomes difficult over time. You will start to see things that are non-existent and even when clients are around, you will lose your sense of coordination. Retaining clients becomes a problem, as you are not on the same page during presentations.

Long-term use of the drug will destroy your career, as you become a threat to not only you as an individual but also to your workmates and the companies’ clients. Once your letter of dismissal indicates that, you lost your job due to drug abuse, it will be difficult to find another job even after rehabilitation.

Bottom Line

Angel Dust Addiction

The effects of using angel dust other than relaxation and easing of pain are negative. Continuous use of the drug leads to an addiction. An addiction will pave way to social, financial, as well as professional negative effects. In addition, you will experience mental and physical side effects. Initially, one may feel like it is beneficial but

Persistent use of the product will lead to more effects with the majority affecting your functionality negatively.

Angel dust is an illegal drug and whereas it is prohibited due to its negative effects, it will get you into trouble with the law. It comes with varying street names ranging from boat, elephant tranquilizer, ozone, dust, hog, wack, supergrass, to rocket fuel. Scientifically, it is referred to as Phencyclidine (PCP) though this term is not common. Its use comes with diverse effects.

Above is a clear outline of its effects under different circumstances both in the short and long term. An individual may not experience all of the above effects but he or she must experience more than one of the effects. The effects gradually advance. For example, one may start with hallucinations, followed by sweating, and later depression. The effects do not slow down but rather increase over time.