Molly Addiction In California

California is one of the most beautiful states in the US, and its land area is the third-largest one among all states. You can also view and visit many scenic areas in California such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite National Park, Disneyland, Hollywood, and more.

Conversely, it has the largest population (270 million) among all states of the US. Despite its beauty and progress, there’s also something to worry about in California, and that’s the rising cases of substance use disorder.

In line with this, Molly or Ecstasy is one of the most abused drugs in the state, where it’s mainly used for pleasure. Let’s know more about this issue and understand how serious is this problem today.

How Serious is Molly Addiction in California?

Generally, this illicit substance is rampantly used among adolescents from Grade 7 to 12, and then also steadily abused by adults. Likewise, most of these users got their MDMA from nightclubs or dance parties.

Furthermore, here are some important statistics describing how problematic is Molly abuse in California:

  • Molly AddictionAround 17% of Ecstasy users are within the age of 12 to 17 years, and they’ve admitted to abusing it once in their lifetime.
  • From this population, 1% of them just recently used MDMA last year
  • Approximately 0.2% of the general population admitted to using this drug last month
  • There’s a steady population of adults using this prohibited substance since 2009 up until today

Molly Addiction Among Teens Ages 12-17 in California

Typically, most Ecstasy users are those in the adolescent stage since they’re very curious, aggressive, and explorative in all aspects. Here are some relevant statistics for Molly abuse in California:

  • Approximately 0.2% of adolescents ages 12 to 17 have used this illicit drug last month
  • About 1.2% of the users aged 12 to 17 and they’ve confessed to using this drug once in their life.
  • Then there are 0.7% of adolescents who said they’ve used this drug last year.

Molly Addiction Among Individuals Ages 18-25 in California

This age group has the highest number of Ecstasy users in California, and below are some important statistics about it:

  • Around 1% of the base population admitted that they’ve used this drug last month, while 3.5% were using it last year.
  • Conversely, 12% of the base population under this age group admitted that they’ve used Molly once in their life.

Molly Addiction Among Adults Ages 26 Years and Older in California

Molly AddictionConversely, there remains a steady number of individuals who are using this illegal substance for this age group. This is mainly because of their stable income and constant drive of experiencing pleasure.

Here are some relevant figures for Molly abuse among adults:

  • Roughly 0.1% of the adult population used this drug last month, while 0.5% said they used it last year.
  • Approximately 6.4% of the adult population said that they used Ecstasy once in their life.

Classifying Molly Abusers in California

Besides knowing the age groups of those individuals who are using Ecstasy, we can also further classify them based on race, and gender.

  • The majority (roughly 73%) of those people who are abusing this drug are white, while some are non-Hispanic.
  • There are more male users (around 65%) than female for Molly addiction.
  • Generally, a large number of these offenders are college students, 12th Graders, and adults who have an annual income of $40,000 and higher.

Why Is There A Rising Case of Substance Abuse in California?

There are plenty of factors contributing to the spike in the number of drug users in the beautiful state of California. Here are some of the strong factors causing this problem to worsen:

  • Molly AddictionLoose drug regulations
  • Smuggling
  • Getting several descriptions from different doctors
  • Less educational drive to motivate the people to say no to drugs
  • Presence of drug cartel
  • Economic progress and more

Based on this, roughly 8% of the people are suffering from substance use disorder, while 6% are diagnosed with alcoholism.

To gradually decrease the numbers, it must be a cooperative effort among the government, private companies, and individuals in California.

What are the frequent causes of Deaths from Molly Addiction?

There are two main reasons why people die from abusing Ecstasy:

  • Hyperthermia: Ecstasy is known to increase your body temperature and when it reaches 38.5 degrees Celsius (101.3 F) or higher, it can cause hyperthermia which can lead to death.
  • Hyponatremia: Swelling your body cells is also the second main cause of death when you abuse Ecstasy. When you have extremely low sodium levels in your blood, you’ll be diagnosed with hyponatremia. A super low sodium content leads to intense swelling of your body cells which leads to bursting, and then death.

Besides that, other causes of death due to Molly abuse include the following:

  • Suicide due to substance-induced depression and anxiety disorder
  • Brain damage
  • Heart attack and hypertension
  • Kidney and liver failure

How Do You Find A Treatment Center for Molly Addiction in California?

If you want to recover from abusing this illicit drug, then you need to consult with a doctor or addiction specialist near you. Besides that, you need to find a reliable rehab treatment center that can help you overcome Ecstasy abuse.

Having said that, here are some pointers you need to consider in finding an excellent rehab center:

  • Molly AddictionHave a clear goal of what you want to overcome and then consult with a doctor for any presence of dual diagnosis.
  • Research rehab facilities near you and look into their company profile.
  • Check what are their treatment options
  • Know their payment options and if your healthcare or insurance policy can be used to cover treatment expenses
  • Look into their equipment and amenities
  • Know how long will the treatment program last
  • Consider if you want to enroll in a rehab center that’s near your house or somewhere farther.
  • Get a free estimate on the possible cost of your treatment

You’re never alone in your fight against Molly addiction since there are medical professionals who can help you with that. Moreover, your family and friends are there to support you in your recovery.